What are we asking from our Government today?

We’re looking to secure an ambitious new commitment from Government so today we can live up to our historic record of protecting refugee children in this 80th anniversary year of the Kindertransport.

Once you join this campaign we can make sure…

  • Britain has a resettlement scheme beyond 2020. In line with UNHCR recommendations, we will call for Britain to resettle 1,000 refugees a year over the next ten years. 10,000 refugees will match the numbers brought through the Kindertransport on the eve of World War Two. This is a really small ask. It means each local authority only needs to take in 3 child refugees each year.
  • Government delivers on its commitment to take in 480 children from Europe under the ‘Dubs’ amendment, something we campaigned hard for in 2016. We’re asking them to lift the cap of 480 children to establish a rolling annual scheme driven by the situation for refugees in Europe.
  • Protecting the only route to family reunion for unaccompanied children in Europe (EU Dublin III rules) after Brexit.