Current legal routes to safety explained

The Dubs amendment

Made by Lord Alf Dubs and successfully campaigned for by Safe Passage supporters. However, the Government put a limit on this route of just 480 children and they’ve already brought over 250. So this route will be over soon.

The Dublin III law

This is an EU regulation that allows a child refugee in one EU country to reunite with their families in another, such as the UK. Thanks to a hard fought campaign by Lord Dubs and Yvette Cooper MP and Safe Passage supporters in spring of this year our Government is committed to keeping this route open after Brexit.

The Government Resettlement Scheme (VPRS)

This route is only open for refugees who haven’t already made the dangerous journey to Europe, plus this scheme is set to close in 2020.

Let’s make sure child refugees in Europe continue to have a legal route to safety by asking our Government to commit to opening a new legal route by resettling 10,000 child refugees over the next ten years. To do this we need the same thing that made the Kindertransport happen 80 years ago… you.

Together we can get our own local authorities to commit to taking in at least 3 child refugees a year.